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What season does Lafayette die in True Blood?

His character dies near the end of Season 5. The first episode to air after Ellis’ death, the Season 6 premiere, ended with the screen “In Memory of Our Friend Nelsan Ellis”. His final acting role was in True to the Game, which was released posthumously.

Did Nelsan Ellis died during filming?

“ On the morning of Saturday July 8th, after four days in Woodhull Hospital, Nelsan was pronounced dead. PREVIOUSLY, July 8: Nelsan Ellis, best known for playing Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, has died due to complications from heart failure. He was 39. His reps confirmed the news today.

How did Nelsan Ellis die?

Nelsan Ellis, photographed in 2014, died at the age of 39 from “complications with heart failure,” according to his manager. Nelsan Ellis, the actor who brought to life the flamboyant character of Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, has died at the age of 39.

What happens to Lafayette in True Blood?

Lafayette Reynolds Died In True Blood’s Book Series His relationship was most prominent with Sookie and his cousin, Tara, who is Sookie’s best friend throughout the series. Even more tragic, Sookie ended up being the one to discover his body.

Does Eric die in True Blood?

When Warlow dies, the effects of his blood wears off in the vampires who drank it and they are no longer able to walk in the sun. Eric is shown in the sun on a mountain top in Åre, Sweden when Warlow’s blood wears off, causing Eric to burn. In Season 7, Pam tracks down Eric, who somehow avoided meeting the true death.

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How did Nelsan Ellis?

Nelsan Ellis, known for playing Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s “True Blood,” died on Saturday of heart failure related to alcohol withdrawal, according to a statement released by his family on Monday. The actor was 39.

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